Confidence and Self-Doubt

I love the topic of confidence. All too often I coach leaders who should have great confidence, but tend to have a large measure of self doubt. What I have found, is that the self-doubt is normal and most, if not all, have some varying level. Yet, so many seem to have an overabundance of self confidence.

It is always fascinating to watch a group of individuals who are preparing for a very important interview. Most if not all are looking down at their phone curled up with their shoulders bent over. When we curl up and look down we put ourselves into an introspective and protective stance. This introspective stands causes a person to lack confidence.

The opposite of the introspective protective stance, is one that is tall in stature, bold, and confident. Take for instance the winner of a foot race. The most common body language when someone crosses the line after a long and arduous race, is to raise ones hands in a victory stance. When people that are blind run the same race, they...

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Results of Happiness

Happiness. We all need more happiness in our life. It seems that every news station broadcasts the terrible disasters of the world. People are dying. Wars are waging. People are hungry. Politics are more divisive than ever. Everywhere we look we see calamity and strife. Depression is at an all time high. Kids with ADD and ADHD are reported more now than ever. 

Yet, through it all, we strive as a human species to obtain happiness. A sense of well-being and value that drives our everyday motives and actions.

A happy individual could be described as a person that experience frequent positive emotions and feeling such as joy, contentment, cheerfulness, delight, enjoyment, and well-being. Although a happy person experiences negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, frustration, and anger, these negative emotions tend to be more infrequent (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon et al. 2005).

The vast majority of U.S. citizens rate personal happiness as very important (Diener, Suh et al. 1999) and...

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