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Helping You Increase Happiness


Dude, Where’s My Motivation?

Is it time to get unstuck and make more money?

Are you ready to spend more time with family?

Want to live a life of travel and freedom?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!

You got this. The Happiness Breakthrough is here to help.

What would this world look like if we truly saw our own value and potential?

We all have trial, heartache, and hardship. Through each experience we can learn, grow, and become stronger but often we get stuck in the negative downward cycles that hold us back from who we are each meant to become. 

Dr. Mark and Becky see your potential, we know your worth! Our vision is to teach you how to see it, stop listening to your inner naysayer voice, and finally achieve your purpose.

Not only will we teach you how to maximize your happiness and value, we will also teach you the same energy, fitness, mindset, and high performance techniques we have taught all over the world!

Are you ready to experience The Happiness Breakthrough?

Find out how you can breakthrough and achieve your next level in life!


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