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Overwhelmed and underperforming? Let’s fix that for you. Do you want to level up your life? Let's make a plan. Looking for a community of high performance strivers that help and support each other? We have that for you! The Happiness Breakthrough® coaching and training programs will give you the tools that get you to the top.
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Deep down, everyone already has all the right stuff for massive success. Life typically causes us to develop ideas and habits that are self-limiting. Over time, those limiting beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless they are challenged and changed. I understand the blind spots that hold you back and prevent you from reaching your potential. You do not need to go it alone. In fact, if you really want to succeed, it’s imperative that you don’t go it alone. It’s immeasurably helpful to have a dedicated to you high performance coach in your corner. Let’s help you and your business scale new heights together and level up your happy.


I have a tried and true proven coaching formula that has brought personal and professional success to thousands of people, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

do more of what makes you happy









My tried and true, long time-tested coaching formula has helped thousands of people and it can help you.

Dr. Mark Leonard High Performance Coaching Formula for Success

E = MC2

Excellence = Mindset (Connection * Care)

Mindset is what we tell ourselves. Our own personal beliefs.

Connection is our relationships. Spouse, business, community, family ​

Care is how we take care of ourselves (and others) including how we recharge ​


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