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You have a brilliant vision, and you don’t see how it's possible to achieve it right now.


Whether it's a dream, a new goal, or the opportunity to start moving towards something; you need a fresh look. A coach that can see the big picture and point you back in the right direction!

I bet you are you wondering where you are going, and what your next steps are.

That's where The Happiness Breakthrough comes in! We will cover three crucial things during your FREE 60 minute ($500 value) Session:

#1 What goal or vision is motivating you to set up this call?

#2 What are the challenges that are blocking your success?

#3 What are the next steps you need to take in order to achieve your vision?


Your 60 min. goal strategy session will be value packed with actionable information that provides clarity in your life! You will come out of your session with the first steps to take to point you in the right direction for your dreams.

You truly have nothing to lose in investing your time with us.

It’s your turn! Take the next step, fill out the application below, and book your call, we look forward to chatting with you!

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Dr. Mark Leonard

As a performance coach I have assisted hundred's of business leaders, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers breakthrough their limits and get to the next level.

  • Doctorate in Organizational Leadership
  • High Level Performance Coach
  • Top 3% in two different MLM Companies
  • Global Keynote Speaker
  • International Trainer
  • Podcast Host
  • Professor of MBA Leadership Courses at a Global University
  • Developed Youth Dream Leadership Retreat 

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