Learn the Habits of the World's Most Successful People

Would you like to know the secrets of the world's highest performers?

What is the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?
Can you answer that?

The answer, quite simply, is:

It is undeniable you want more freedom.

Freedom to create a lifestyle you choose. 

Freedom to create your own vision of success.

Freedom to live the life you’ve been dreaming of. 

Dr. Leonard knows and understands that Finding Your Freedom is not a one size fits all. Find Your Freedom is simply that - YOURS. Dr. Leonard has helped thousands to create clarity to better understand that unique vision, to name that vision, and ultimately succeed in making freedom a reality.

But it's not easy. And most people are struggling more than they have to in these areas.

Even though we all have big goals and dreams, most people today are drowning in stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty.

The sad thing is that if they don’t figure out how to turn it around, they will not only fail to accomplish their dreams, but as the economy keeps getting better they will simply be left behind.
So think about YOUR life.

Do you feel you're being as productive, influential, and successful as you want?

Have you reached a plateau in your progress and struggled to breakthrough to the next level of joy, power, and achievement?

Have you gotten tired of being at the same level of success and happiness for too long? Do you miss the pulse and vibrancy of growing and contributing at your highest levels?

I can help you.

My name is Dr. Mark Leonard, and I'm one of the Top Elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world. My clients have seen significant improvements in their businesses. More importantly, they have found greater well-being, deeper relationships, and a sustainable work/life balance. 

Group coaching for the self-employed, motivated, ready to take on the world go-getter and dreamer.

I don't think everyone should join this high-powered, results-driven, scientifically-proven group coaching.

But, if you're someone that is ready to work hard and make a real difference in your business and life, then this is the coaching for you.

The Happiness Breakthrough Live Group Coaching

The Coaching Program that can take you to higher levels of success and happiness.

Here is what is included:

  • Top Performance Coaching from one of the top elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world
  • Six months of High Performance Live Group Coaching hosted by Dr. Mark Leonard
  • Bi-weekly videos: Giving you the time to put into practice the high performance habits that you will learn on each live video call.
  • Instructions and Practice in the 12 topics known as the Core Sessions: These core sessions are meant to help you reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

The 12 Core Sessions

You will also receive these great bonuses.


High Performance Planner

The High Performance Planner is a 2-in-1 day planner and journal based on the world's largest study of how high performers increase productivity, set goals, prioritize projects, outperform their peers, and create the positive mindset and habits needed to win the day. 


High Performance Habits

After extensive original research and a decade as the world’s highest-paid performance coach, Brendon Burchard finally reveals the most effective habits for reaching long-term success. 


Mindset Training Video Series

Over 20 additional training videos that teach the principles of high performance and personal development. Courses are being added all the time.


From Mindset to Action Ebook

Finish More Projects, Waste Less Time and Double Your Profits in the Next 30 Days... Without Fluff and Stress


Productivity Unleashed

The Essential Guide to Staying Productive

Inside you'll learn...
Why most people struggle to stay productive.
What affects your productivity.
How to set up a working environment which facilitates productivity.
Why getting organized is so important.
How to organize your day for maximum productivity.
And much more.


Clarity Guarantee Session

Personal Coaching Call with Dr. Mark Leonard

On this 15-minute personal coaching call with Dr. Mark Leonard, you will gain greater clarity on your goals, how you can move forward, and what you can do right now to be even more successful. 

Dr. Mark guarantees you will have greater clarity in your life and how you can show up as your best every day.

You can start at any time. Although the concepts build upon each other, you can start anytime and get value in the very next session.

What People Are Saying:
Mark, you were so unbelievably inspiring! Thank you so much for allowing us to get outside of our comfort zone and provide us with open hearts, open minds and a new perspective! This was SO worth while, emotional and uplifting!

- Chelsea L., MI
Mark has dedicated his life to developing and teaching proven strategies for success and happiness. Who couldn’t use more happiness in their life?

- Stephanie B., MI
Dr. Marks's training was fantastic! So many takeaways for personal growth as well as help in being a better leader.

- Jen S., CA
Dr Leonard is so good at what he does. WIth a 60 min coaching call, he helped me gain clarity with some things I was struggling with. I look forward to more coaching from him. Thanks Dr. Leonard!
- Stefani M., CA
Coaching with Mark was an awesome and powerful experience. His heart-centered, yet challenging approach, made it easy to open up and dive deep into what was going on at a core level. Our sessions brought breakthroughs, laughter, and even a few good tears! As a result of my experience with Mark, I was able to rise up and accomplish my goals faster than I could have imagined.
- Allen R., DC
Coach Mark is nothing short of remarkable. I am a coach myself, and coaching coaches can be a very challenging thing. We often are already "doing all the things." But Mark did not let that get in the way of making a seriously huge impact on my life. He helped me in every aspect of my life. He saw in me what I didn't see in myself. He helped me to recognize my own strengths and step into my courage. It is because of Coach Mark that myself and my business are thriving. I couldn't be more grateful! 
- Becky H., WA


 Can I start in the middle of the year?

Yes! You can start right now. Although the session build upon themselves, you will get instant value right away. Don't delay. Get in right now and get started.

 Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! If within the first 30 days you are not totally satisfied, you can get your money back. No questions asked. And, you get to keep any bonuses and freebies that may have been sent.

 What if I can't make the group coaching session?

All sessions will be recorded and put inside the members only area. You can watch later and download your homework from the site.

 Wait...there is homework???

Yes! Most sessions have homework that you can download (found in the members area). The homework goes deeper and really helps drive home to topic.

 When are the coaching sessions?

The coaching sessions are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm Pacific. Once you enroll in the group coaching, you will receive an email with a link to the next zoom coaching meeting.

Join The Happiness Breakthrough High Performance Group Coaching For Only $97/mo- LIMITED TIME!

Where should we ship your book and bonuses?


100% Clarity Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied and have greater clarity within the first 30 days, you can ask for your money back. I am confident that you will love your clarity.

P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $497 or $97 month you're getting The Happiness Breakthrough Group Coaching. A science-based coaching curriculum that has catapulted many business owners and entrepreneurs to live their best life.

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