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What would this world look like if we truly saw our own value and potential?

We all have trial, heartache, and hardship. Through each experience we can learn, grow, and become stronger but often we get stuck in the negative downward cycles that hold us back from who we are each meant to become. 

Dr. Mark and Becky see your potential, we know your worth! Our vision is to teach you how to see it, stop listening to your inner naysayer voice, and finally achieve your purpose.

Not only will we teach you how to maximize your happiness and value, we will also teach you the same energy, fitness, mindset, and high performance techniques we have taught all over the world!
What People Are Saying:
Mark, you were so unbelievably inspiring! Thank you so much for allowing us to get outside of our comfort zone and provide us with open hearts, open minds and a new perspective! This was SO worth while, emotional and uplifting!

- Chelsea L., MI
Mark has dedicated his life to developing and teaching proven strategies for success and happiness. Who couldn’t use more happiness in their life?

- Stephanie B., MI
Dr. Marks's training was fantastic! So many takeaways for personal growth as well as help in being a better leader.

- Jen S., CA
Dr Leonard is so good at what he does. WIth a 60 min coaching call, he helped me gain clarity with some things I was struggling with. I look forward to more coaching from him. Thanks Dr. Leonard!
- Stefani M., CA
Coaching with Mark was an awesome and powerful experience. His heart-centered, yet challenging approach, made it easy to open up and dive deep into what was going on at a core level. Our sessions brought breakthroughs, laughter, and even a few good tears! As a result of my experience with Mark, I was able to rise up and accomplish my goals faster than I could have imagined.
- Allen R., DC
Coach Mark is nothing short of remarkable. I am a coach myself, and coaching coaches can be a very challenging thing. We often are already "doing all the things." But Mark did not let that get in the way of making a seriously huge impact on my life. He helped me in every aspect of my life. He saw in me what I didn't see in myself. He helped me to recognize my own strengths and step into my courage. It is because of Coach Mark that myself and my business are thriving. I couldn't be more grateful! 
- Becky H., WA
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